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Auto Zebra.

We partner with car companies to accelerate their digital journeys through better-informed decisions

we help

We've been helping many leading automakers, dealer groups, and retailers with their digital journeys for over two decades.

It involved launching new sales channels, implementing omnichannel customer-experience strategies, delivering advanced technologies, launching and optimising digital marketing, and delivering call centres.

We've learned a lot and so are now best equipped to challenge your thinking and help you validate whether:

  • You have the right strategy and approach.

  • You are using the most appropriate and processes

  • You have the right suppliers in place

  • There are better ways to achieve your goals.

If you have the right strategy, tools, people, and processes, great, you can sleep better at night.


If you don't, we'll help you refine it or, if necessary, find more appropriate approaches, solutions and suppliers.


Our services.

We provide three types of consulting services.

1. Validation

We'll support you in validating that:

  • Your strategy addresses learnings from others.

  • You have selected the best tools and technologies available for your needs today and in the future.

  • You are getting the best value for the money that you are spending.

2. Design

We'll support you in designing the:

  • Customer experience and omnichannel journeys that will enable you to increase customer engagement and loyalty and sell more for less

  • Technology blueprint that will include the right tools delivered in the most efficient way 

  • Customer service and sales teams optimised for efficiency and effectiveness, at the right cost

  • Delivery strategy that will help you achieve your goals with the least time and effort

3. Selection

We'll support you in selecting the:

  • Most appropriate Customer-Experience frameworks and approaches

  • Best technologies available today

  • BPO partner that can deliver the best possible service for the right money

We can deliver these services or topics separately as standalone projects or as part of an ongoing program.

We are independent and vendor-agnostic, which ensures we'll always find a solution that works best for you.

Who we are.

We are a management consulting company including senior associates with relevant backgrounds and expertise, covering strategy, program delivery, technology, customer experience, online retailing and marketing, and customer service.

We are not a traditional agency or a body shop. Our views and insights are strategic, pragmatic, actionable, and bring value.

We have almost 250 years of collective learning and experience in the digital space, so we have most likely encountered a challenge similar to yours before. And if we haven't, someone from our extensive partner network would have.

Our experiences.

We have worked with many car manufacturers and dealer groups including:

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