Assisted Selling

Assisted Selling is our approach to helping car manufacturers to maximise their online effectiveness.

Assisted Selling turns individual customer actions into a consolidated omnichannel sales funnel and applies retail best practice to maximise sales.  

Assisted Selling is about using online to sell, not selling online. The transaction can take place online, offline via retailers or contact centres, depending on your strategy.

6 Pillars

Assisted Selling consists of six key pillars, organised around a customer and working in unison to sell more.

assisted-selling (1).png

Customer experience

Allow the customers to create their own shopping experiences, and join their online and offline actions into well-supported, consolidated, effective and enjoyable shopping journeys.



Use the right technology to provide the functionality needed to power the customer experiences, manage their interaction as well as understand their behaviour in order to be able to influence it.



Make best use of online to personalise the various buying levers, creating customer-specific online propositions that increase the likelihood of sale.


Sales people

Create dedicated online retailing teams, composed of highly trained and motivated product experts who are passionate about the brand and selling cars.


Data and inisghts

Use the science of data to set appropriate KPIs, provide actionable insights that optimise and drive continuous improvement in sales conversion.


Retail processes

Use proven, transferable practice from the retail sector to develop people and processes to bring everything together across all stages of the buying cycle.


Assisted Selling helps car manufacturers to:


  • Provide test drives and car viewing experiences

  • Provide live virtual demos and walkarounds

  • Provide advice and assistance when needed

  • Provide live chat and video support

  • Measure Conversion funnel and establish KPIs

  • Score, follow up and nurture leads

  • Sell the desired offer and finance

  • Upsell and cross-sell products and services

  • Establish  sales admin processes and flows

  • Identify and resolve customer issues

  • Identify new sales opportunities

  • Convert opportunities into new sales

  • Turn buyers into repeat loyal customers

Assisted Selling helpscar buyers to:

  • Research cars and market

  • Identify and evaluate options

  • Access the right information at the right time

  • Have a great brand experience

  • Research ownership options

  • Experience the car

  • Select the right car and services

  • Select the right finance

  • Buy the car how and when they want

  • Remove hassle and stress from the buying process

  • Have a great delivery and handover experience

  • Have a great ownership experience

  • Select the most suitable replacement car

  • Select the most suitable method of ownership