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Automotive Consultancy
Services ...

... to help you fill the gaps in your customer experience, operations, technology or business foundations.

It's impossible to do it alone.

On your own, you constantly reinvent the wheel, pay for mistakes others have already made, and risk falling further behind.

It's smarter to get assistance and fast-track your progress with a partner who has embarked on similar journeys with numerous organisations, learning on their payroll.

We've distilled our experiences from hundreds of projects into four consultancy services. These complement our tools and allow for a more tailored approach.

They aren't mere concepts and theories but offer practical advice and hands-on support from the Auto Zebra team and our extensive network of associates and partners.

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Excellent customer experience and smooth journeys maximise sales and nurture lasting brand loyalty. We'll help you streamline customer interactions, ensuring every touchpoint leads them seamlessly from awareness to retention through: 

  • Customer Experience Design, helping you to refine every touchpoint from awareness through sale to retention, ensuring the best customer experience possible.

  • Sales Conversion Optimisation, helping you to fine-tune your sales funnel to boost leads, enhance sales, and cultivate loyal customers.

Not ready to talk yet and want to know more about Sales Conversion and Customer Experience first? 
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Knowing what drives your customers enables you to tailor your offerings and communications for maximum impact We'll decode the motivations and behaviours of your consumers, allowing you to understand and cater to their needs more effectively through:

  • Psychometric Analysis, providing insights into your customer's psychological buying triggers, enabling better sales and marketing strategies.

  • Psychometric Profiling, classifying your automotive buyers based on their motivations, lifestyles, and purchasing preferences, paving the way for more impactful and personalised messaging and marketing campaigns.

  • Retail Psychology Techniques, guiding you in deploying strategies to influence buying decisions throughout the customer lifecycle.

Not ready to talk yet and want to know more about Retail Psychology and Psychometrics first? 

A streamlined operation cuts costs, boosts sales, and enhances customer experiences, laying a solid foundation for sustainable growth. We'll help refine your business processes, promoting agility, efficiency, and positive change through:

  • Business Process Design, helping you to revamp your business processes to heighten efficiency, improve sales, enhance customer experience, and reduce costs.

  • Change Management, assisting you in defining and executing strategies and methods to help your organisation navigate more easily through industry shifts.

  • Operational Excellence, helping your business adopt continuous improvement strategies and maximised profitability.

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A solid technology foundation ensures smooth operations, security and scalability and keeps you ahead in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. We'll assist in designing and implementing a technology strategy that aligns with your current needs and future visions through:


  • Technical Architecture Design, aiding you in crafting blueprints for your digital systems, ensuring they cater to present and upcoming needs.

  • Technology Roadmap, helping you align your technology investments with your long-term objectives and innovative visions

  • Solution Selection, guiding you in picking digital solutions that best align with your requirements.

  • Solution Delivery, delivering, testing, deploying, onboarding, and maintaining digital solutions from SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, and Microsoft.

Not ready to talk yet and want to know more about technology Strategy and Delivery first? 
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