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Business Tranformation Scorecard ...

... to improve your business and get everything from all you have.

Everything is changing.

Customers are becoming more demanding, competition is escalating, regulations are tightening, and business models are evolving rapidly. 

You're investing more to stay ahead, but are those investments yielding the best returns? Are your strategies, tools, and processes truly optimal? 

If the answer is "no" or "I'm not sure", we have the perfect solution for you.


The Solution.

We've developed a unique evaluation framework based on the latest advancements in organisational design, customer experience, omnichannel retailing, retail psychology, and technology, fortified by extensive expertise and experience. 

This framework seamlessly integrates business and IT, offering an intuitive yet powerful tool for designing, prioritising, and monitoring improvements.


Using this scorecard, we can identify areas for enhancement throughout your organisation, encompassing everything from foundational business elements to processes, customer strategies, and technologies.

The result? A clear roadmap for systematic progress.

How it works.

Our approach initiates with understanding your current hurdles, past initiatives, successes, failures, and future goals, establishing an accurate baseline for evaluation. 


Then, with you and your key staff, we run through a 150-point checklist divided into the following eight categories:

  1. Business Foundations

  2. Processes & Systems

  3. Business Objectives

  4. Customer Relationship & Experience

  5. Understanding the Customer

  6. Serving the Customer

  7. Listening to the Customers

  8. Business Outcomes


Each of the 150 checks is scored, culminating in a detailed report that spotlights areas for improvement, both at the segment level and on individual points. This scorecard highlights potential growth areas and reveals often overlooked dependencies, pinpointing opportunities for quick wins and strategic initiatives.


The process is fast, spanning days rather than months, and culminates in a clear action plan. 


And if you need assistance with execution, we're here to help.

See how Business Transformation Scorecard works:

The Investment.

The Business Optimisation Scorecard is priced at £24.9k. 

The package includes a detailed assessment and actionable recommendations to address identified areas for improvement. 

It also covers all necessary travel, consultations, and adjustments to guarantee success.

We can also assist with implementation, with pricing determined by a fixed daily rate. The total cost will vary depending on your organisation's size, complexity, and specific challenges.


  • I'm already using segmentation personas. How does this fit in?
    Think of our psychometric platform as a fine-tuning tool. We don't aim to replace your current demographic, behavioural, or lifetime-value segments. Instead, we further refine them into four psychometric categories, ensuring your communications are spot-on.
  • Will it work with my data?
    Yes, it will work with any file or data format, provided it includes the minimum information required for profiling and segmentation. To put your mind at ease, we haven't yet met a company that didn't meet the requirements. We'll cover all this before we start the pilot phase.
  • Can my existing team successfully operate it, or do I need to recruit retail psychologists or data scientists?
    Yes, they can, and you don't need to recruit anyone else in your team. The science comes in at the beginning to map the data and train the algorithms and during the pilot when we fine-tune it. We take care of all that. Once that's done, your existing marketing team can operate it without issues. And our scientists will stay in the background, supporting your team regularly through feedback and recommendations.
  • Can it sync with my current CRM or DMP?
    Absolutely! Our platform plays well with all CRM and DMS systems in use today. Whether you're looking at direct API connections, remote data exchanges, or even manual file imports, we've got you covered.
  • I've got a CDP, CRM, or Marketing-automation platform in place. How does this platform fit into the picture?
    We are here to boost, not replace. While you use CDP, CRM, and MA platforms to enhance sales, our platform steps in to supercharge their impact. How? By tailoring communications to align with each customer's distinct psychometric profile.
  • Is it GDPR-compliant?
    Yes, without a doubt. Our platform and processes are fully GDPR compliant. We don't need or use any sensitive personal data or identifiers. All profiling is done anonymously, keeping privacy and compliance at the forefront.
  • What if it's not the right fit for my business?
    Psychometric profiling shines across all industries, especially when dealing with high-ticket items like cars. But we get it, you want assurance. That's why we start with a Pilot project before unleashing the platform in full.
  • What's the duration?
    You can expect actionable recommendations for each stage in just ten working days (so a full scorecard in thirty). The quick review will take five days.
  • What info do you need from me?
    We evaluate the buying journey from a customer's viewpoint, so you don't need access to your systems or sales data. However, we'll need your help understanding how the aftersales part of the journey works. A few interviews will cover it.
  • Why no "personas"?
    In car buying, traditional demographic personas can become overwhelming. Instead, we segment buyers at each journey step based on their needs. This offers much clearer insights and actionable recommendations.
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