Consulting Services

Pragmatic advice and support from quick wins online to full omnichannel strategy.


Online readiness assessment to evaluate your online presence and identify quick wins with the largest impacts.


Omnichannel Sales Journey Optimisation

Consulting projects to deliver conversion improvements across omnichannel sales journeys.


Omnichannel Conversion and Audience Insights

Data insights that help you understand your audiences, answer key business questions and identify areas for improvements.


Business and Retailing Strategy

Consulting projects to help you refine you digital strategy and integrate retailing capabilities to your business.


For you if ...

Online Readiness Assessment and Recommendations


You are in the early stages, with or without an ecommerce channel, trying to understand how best to support customers and leverage your proposition.


You are under pressure to quickly generate more sales and deliver immediate improvements.



Omnichannel Conversion and Audience Insights


You have the basics in place to start looking beyond the website and need to understand who your audiences are and how they are using the channels to buy.


You are under pressure to generate more sales in short term and plan medium and long term improvements.

Omnichannel Sales Journey



You understand where you are and now need to start delivering the improvements that would increase customer experience and conversion rates across the channels.

You are under pressure to generate sales as well as continuously deliver sustainable improvements.


Business and Retailing



Your job is strategic and focused on planning the big picture, while connecting it with short term sales objectives. You need a plan to deliver the transformation required.


You are under pressure to deliver sales in long term, through strategic organisational changes.

Why work with Auto Zebra?

Experienced senior team

We have provided online services to leading retailers and car manufacturers for over 20 years, delivering benchmark eCommerce projects and market leading strategies.


Best strategic partners

We are a consortium of exceptional partners acting as one, eliminating the need for multiple tenders and time consuming agency management.

Omnichannel view

We have a view across all online and offline interactions. We understand how a customer shops and offer tactical solutions, delivered in the wider context.


Retained knowledge and IP

We will grow your sales in parallel with empowering you for the future. Developing your proposition at your pace while you retain the knowledge, skills and IP to move forward.