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Myndrive Psychometrics
Platform ...

... to revolutionise your engagement, conversion and retention rates.

You are wasting 75%
of your marketing effort

It's not your fault, and you are not alone; everyone does. 

The reason is the unique psychological makeup of every individual that influences their thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. 

There are four distinct personality types, and addressing them with a one-size-fits-all approach can't work. At best, you connect with just 25% of your audience. 50% would ignore you, and 25% will disengage from you.

To maximise the impact of your communications, you must use a different tone of voice, channel, colours or imagery for each group to convey the same message.

The concept of psychometric segmentation is not new, but the challenge always was categorising the audiences and personalising communications efficiently enough to be commercially viable. 

Until now.


Myndrive Psychometrics Platform

The platform does two things: It automatically segments your database into those four groups and personalises the communication for each.


Traditionally, this was always the challenge because it required conducting customer interviews or surveys and much upfront research. This enabled designing "lookalike" audiences. It cost a lot of time and money, and the results always depended on how well the "lookalikes" were applied.
We don't do any future telling. Instead, the platform analyses your existing CRM, LMS or DMS database and, using a lot of AI-powered science, it identifies which personality trait each individual belongs to. Not a lookalike, but each person in your database. Automatically and silently in the background, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and because it doesn't need any personally identifiable information, it fully complies with GDPR!
In a contact centre scenario, segmentation enables you to match agents with customers based on compatibility and arm them with guidelines to address emotional concerns with empathy. Read more about it here.

Additionally, in marketing, sales, and after-sales, you can go even further and personalise every communication you send.


Myndrive takes your existing email, text, website description, brochure or advert and, using more AI-powered science, creates four variations to maximise impact on each of the four segments.
Addressing each individual in the tone of voice and language they respond to will revolutionise their engagement and your conversion rates.


And we do mean revolutionise! Here are some improvements we've seen so far:


Email open-rate increase


Email click-through rate increase




Are you ready for yours?

See how Myndrive works:
Myndrive for Contact Centres:
Myndrive for Marketing, Sales & Aftersales:
See Myndrive in Action:
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How it works.

We always begin with a pilot phase, validating your data, matching it with our system, adjusting the segmentation criteria, and teaching the algorithms using your data. This creates your segmentation template.

We don't need to integrate directly with your systems at this stage. We only need a file with two to ten thousand contacts.

Myndrive will segment your list, and our data scientists will validate it and fine-tune the algorithms as required.

If you're using Myndrive just for segmentation, for example, in contact centre situations, at this point, you can use the segments and see the results.

If you're using Myndrive for personalisation, the trial goes further.

Together, we'll pick a few test campaigns. Ideally, these are existing campaigns or transactional messages. This helps you compare how they perform before and after Myndrive.

We'll use your brand and communication rules to adjust our language model. This helps create your personalised message template. We'll then use this template to develop messages for the test campaign.

Afterwards, we'll launch the campaign, keep an eye on it, and improve the algorithms to get the best results.

Once you're satisfied with the pilot outcomes, we'll integrate the platform with the rest of your data. We offer more than 300 connectors, making the integration quick - it takes hours, not weeks or months. The platform can also handle batch updates, remote file processing, and if needed, manual file uploads. Regardless of the method, the platform will sort new leads and customers and, depending on the scenario, update your CRM, marketing automation, or contact centre solutions with the right segments.

We'll also onboard your team and help them to get comfortable with the platform so they can use it effectively.

During your operations, we'll provide ongoing technical help and have monthly meetings to review performance and offer suggestions to keep you on the right path.

The Pilot & Adoption.

Here's a brief overview of the process. Click on the image to enlarge it.

Myndrive platform pilot and launch-3-2.jpg

The Investment.

For the contact centre deployment, where Myndrive focuses solely on segmentation, the pilot costs £11.9k.

For marketing, sales, after-sales, and other situations that require segmentation and message personalisation, the pilot costs £23.8k.

Both options include all consultations and optimisations required to ensure your satisfaction with the results. 

The costs also cover integrating your data sources using our connectors at the end of the pilot when we transition to full operational mode.

After the launch, you pay an ongoing license fee based on the number of contacts we are segmenting. Personalisation is provided at no additional cost.


  • I'm already using segmentation personas. How does this fit in?
    Think of our psychometric platform as a fine-tuning tool. We don't aim to replace your current demographic, behavioural, or lifetime-value segments. Instead, we further refine them into four psychometric categories, ensuring your communications are spot-on.
  • Will it work with my data?
    Yes, it will work with any file or data format, provided it includes the minimum information required for profiling and segmentation. To put your mind at ease, we haven't yet met a company that didn't meet the requirements. We'll cover all this before we start the pilot phase.
  • Can my existing team successfully operate it, or do I need to recruit retail psychologists or data scientists?
    Yes, they can, and you don't need to recruit anyone else in your team. The science comes in at the beginning to map the data and train the algorithms and during the pilot when we fine-tune it. We take care of all that. Once that's done, your existing marketing team can operate it without issues. And our scientists will stay in the background, supporting your team regularly through feedback and recommendations.
  • Can it sync with my current CRM or DMP?
    Absolutely! Our platform plays well with all CRM and DMS systems in use today. Whether you're looking at direct API connections, remote data exchanges, or even manual file imports, we've got you covered.
  • I've got a CDP, CRM, or Marketing-automation platform in place. How does this platform fit into the picture?
    We are here to boost, not replace. While you use CDP, CRM, and MA platforms to enhance sales, our platform steps in to supercharge their impact. How? By tailoring communications to align with each customer's distinct psychometric profile.
  • Is it GDPR-compliant?
    Yes, without a doubt. Our platform and processes are fully GDPR compliant. We don't need or use any sensitive personal data or identifiers. All profiling is done anonymously, keeping privacy and compliance at the forefront.
  • What if it's not the right fit for my business?
    Psychometric profiling shines across all industries, especially when dealing with high-ticket items like cars. But we get it, you want assurance. That's why we start with a Pilot project before unleashing the platform in full.
  • What's the duration?
    You can expect actionable recommendations for each stage in just ten working days (so a full scorecard in thirty). The quick review will take five days.
  • What info do you need from me?
    We evaluate the buying journey from a customer's viewpoint, so you don't need access to your systems or sales data. However, we'll need your help understanding how the aftersales part of the journey works. A few interviews will cover it.
  • Why no "personas"?
    In car buying, traditional demographic personas can become overwhelming. Instead, we segment buyers at each journey step based on their needs. This offers much clearer insights and actionable recommendations.
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