Our Services

We provide a full range of services from consulting, through standalone technology and live chat managed by sales people, to fully outsourced sales channels.

We will give you competitive advantage by reducing the associated timelines, costs and risks.


We can start with quick wins and use them to deliver an ongoing programme.

We can deliver the services as standalone initiatives, or as part of a cohesive strategy. This has the flexibility to change over time in response to evolving requirements.

We have the experience, pragmatism, scale and strategic partnerships in place to succeed. 


Pragmatic advice and support from quick wins online to full omnichannel strategy.


Developed over 20 years working with top online retailers and car manufacturers to deliver a number of benchmark projects.


Managed Live Chat

Live Chat delivered by sales teams specialising in automotive retailing, using data and technology to support customers through the journey and turn conversations and interactions into joined up experiences.


A lite version of Assisted Selling, this provides immediate results, which can be used to extend existing lead generation activities or rapidly deployed as a new channel.



Technology that can be deployed standalone or as part of your existing digital sales ecosystem.

Our components are: eCommerce platform, Live Chat and Chatbots, Conversion Manager and marketing automations.


Outsourced Sales

A fully outsourced sales channel that includes the operation of all pillars of Assisted Selling – specialist online sales teams, supported by retail processes, data insights, smart technology and a flexible customer proposition.

Use tactically for product launches and  early stages of maturity or as an ongoing solution for smaller brands and markets

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Why work with Auto Zebra?

Experienced senior team

We have provided online services to leading retailers and car manufacturers for over 20 years, delivering benchmark eCommerce projects and market leading strategies.


Best strategic partners

We are a consortium of exceptional partners acting as one, eliminating the need for multiple tenders and time consuming agency management.

Omnichannel view

We have a view across all online and offline interactions. We understand how a customer shops and offer tactical solutions, delivered in the wider context.


Retained knowledge and IP

We will grow your sales in parallel with empowering you for the future. Developing your proposition at your pace while you retain the knowledge, skills and IP to move forward.