Covid-19 creates a new 'new world' for Automotive

The Automotive sector had already embarked on journey towards embracing digital as a meaningful sales channel. The seismic changes brought about by Covid-19 have accelerated that and more, exposing some car manufactures without the basics in place and elevating the need to catch up from ‘nice’, to ‘must have’.

Need to embrace digital was already there

Even before Cov-19, the successes of new car manufacturing had been exposed. Manufacturing capacity is too high, the new car market is saturated by the explosion of new car sales over recent years fuelled by popular financing products such as PCP and cars are becoming ever more reliable, even more so with the arrival of electrification.

An effective online sales channel is now a must have

The customer was already digital, they are just more so now. This means that car manufacture's plans for the future need to be fit for purpose, providing them with the digital retailing foundations in place to respond to new customer behaviours.

Recent changes to customer behaviour are also now much wider than the car buying process. This is something that digital is well placed to take up the task. An example is the test drive, looked forward to be some but only tolerated by many. Now limiting time with ‘strangers’, initially limited by statute is now a clear customer preference in car buying journey.

In summary

Traditional car manufacturers were already dealing with underrepresented levels of disruption, but have faced nothing in comparison with the effects of Covid-19. Existing plans for digital now have to be accelerated and made more revolutionary. Car manufacturers without the basic digital building blocks of technology and data will struggle and disparate brands, markets and products will make the journey more complex even for those who have. The Auto Zebra Assisted Selling approach provides the six basic pillars required to make sense of this situation and an approach to help plans and deliver as maturity develops.

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