Selling Cars to Amazon Prime Customers

Whilst the Automotive industry has focussed on product innovation and relied on its tried and tested sales approach, the customer has moved on to a world, where brands such as Amazon, have led with new online propositions redefining customer expectations on how they want to buy.

Updated customer expectations in a new digital world

Customers are now used to creating their own bespoke sales journeys, enjoying the democracy to purchase any time, any place, anywhere. In this world immediacy is king - next day delivery is now the norm and same day the expectation. Having the right information at hand to self-serve and opinions to draw on are key to completing the transaction. We can see that when empowered, customers are already willing and able to traverse complicated omnichannel sales journeys, such as in travel.

Car buying process has not moved on(line)

Buying a car is a complex journey involving selection of the right car, finance, accessories and services and often dealing with the part exchange of an existing car. The traditional response to this has been to force potential customers down a linear, mostly offline sales journey. However, , new customer requirements have upped the ante and mean that not only must the journey now be facilitated across multiple channels, but it should be seamless both for the customer and the manufacturer who needs to be able to measure what is happening. This has exposed existing problems for car manufacturers with competing technologies, external and internal stakeholders.

In summary

The Automotive sector is experiencing a challenging time, customers have higher online expectations and car manufacturers need to respond by evolving into modern brands that can compete on the same terms as recognised global leaders such as Apple. This includes having a great customer focus, an effective direct to consumer channel and the a digital culture where failing fast and often is a good thing to be encouraged. Assisted Selling provides the six basic pillars required to make this journey and an approach to help navigate the way.

Assisted Selling

Assisted Selling turns individual customer actions into a consolidated sales funnel and applies retail best practice to maximise sales.  

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