Will great UX help you to sell more cars? As it turns out, no.

Car manufacturers are spending millions on trying to provide the best possible User Experience (UX) for their online visitors. But is there a business case for it? We don’t think so, and here is why.

We’ve examined in great detail the online presence of over 50 car manufacturers worldwide and found very little correlation between how good the UX is and the number of cars the website sells.

The websites that wouldn’t win any UX awards sold as much as ten times more cars than those that would. In other cases, where the checkout experience was exceptionally painful, the dropout rate within the checkout was insignificant. It seems that unlike in retail, committed car buyers will not let any UX obstacles stand in their way.

What seems to make all the difference is the proposition and the level of support shoppers receive throughout the journey. In other words, if you don’t have an excellent online proposition and don’t help the shoppers along as well as any good car salesman would, the best user experience or most customer-friendly platform will not help you to sell more cars.

To sum up, the online user experience, which is only a subset of the overall customer experience provided, plays quite a small part in selling cars online. What matters far more is a good online proposition and online sales team.

Keep it in mind when planning your online strategy. Focus on what matters.

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